The Green Deal

The green deal will see insulation upgrades to thousands of solid wall construction properties

Increasing insulation often requires a re-balancing of ventilation. Which? Magazine’s damp expert David Prince (founder of considers Ultrovent passive ventilation units as one possible solution.

(Original article on Construction Magazine)

Condensation already affects a large number of properties due to an increase in water production brought about by modern lifestyles. At the same time, doors and windows are draught proofed and chimney flues sealed. The result is often unhealthy mould growth affecting cold surfaces and poorly ventilated areas. Ultrovents are designed to ventilate living rooms and bedrooms where the constant trickle ventilation provides up to 2.8 litres of water vapour to escape over a 24 hour period. A single air brick Ultrovent is usually sufficient to ventilate a room with a floor area of 20m2. Core drill options are also available with an output of 1.2 litres.

At the heart of the Ultrovent filter is a thermal core that discourages cold draughts and promotes the removal of damp air in a controlled way. The filter also reduces heat loss and through-the vent noise. The air brick cavity liner is constructed from high impact polystyrene to reduce cold bridging and provide increased strength and resistance to distortion.

The Ultrovent air brick unit can also be installed into existing air brick openings making it an easy upgrade option. By retaining the existing external air brick, installation can be completed from inside the property making it ideal for high rise properties. Damp Expert will be launching a number of new products in the New Year and is seeking to increase the number of distributors. If you are interested in becoming a distributor then contact Susie Toms at

Ultrovents have been independently tested at the Wolfson M.T.I.A. Unit at Southampton University. Ultrovents are not suitable for providing ventilation to heating appliances.