Single-room ventilation solutions for controlling condensation and mould problems

With the return of the cold winter weather Which? Magazine’s damp expert David Prince (founder of highlights single-room ventilation solutions for controlling condensation and mould problems

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The return of the cold winter weather is again likely to see an increase in condensation and mould problems. Greater public awareness of health issues associated with mould growth, together with high profile media attention, has seen an increase in disputes between tenants and landlords over the habitability of properties. In some cases this has led to the involvement of Environmental Health and tenants being re-housed.

Controlled ventilation remains one of the most effective way of tackling condensation and preventing mould problems. offers various ventilation and mould control solutions and is the UK distributor for ‘Ultrovent’ and the new ‘DX 80’ single room heat recovery unit.

Ultrovent is a range of passive ventilation units capable of removing up to 2.8 litres of water from a property over a 24 hour period. The units are powered only by the differential vapour pressure associated with condensation, making them one of the most environmentally friendly ventilation units available. The filter at the core of the Ultrovent encourages damp air to escape while reducing cold draughts through the innovative high-impact polystyrene ventilation duct.

Ultrovent Air brick VentilatorThe ‘DX 80’ heat recovery unit is a powerful single room solution for condensation and mould control. The unit offers an impressive 80% heat recovery and has a whisper-quiet trickle mode making it suitable for installation in living rooms and bedrooms as well as kitchens and bathrooms. The ‘DX 80’ is provided with humidity sensor and an optional light sensor that overrides the unit’s boost setting at night time.

Condensation occurs when moisture laden air comes into contact with cold surfaces. Water is released when the relative humidity reaches 100% and the atmosphere becomes unable to hold all the water vapour held within it. This can occur on an external wall or window, or even a cold layer within the fabric of a property.

Damp Expert will be launching a number of new products in the New Year and is seeking to increase the number of distributors. If you are interested in becoming a distributor then contact Susie Toms at

DX 80 Single room heat recovery unit