Protecting properties against flooding

By Malcolm Cooke

Global warming and environmental changes have increased the instances of flooding in the UK and raised questions about the construction of houses in high risk areas such as flood plains. A ground breaking waterproofing system offers to stem the unwanted tide.

Flood resilience and flood remediation are unfortunately becoming an increasingly part of today’s bad news. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who have suffered the consequences of flooding. Triton Chemicals in conjunction with Watertight Products have launched a new waterproofing system designed to eliminate the risk of flooding in vulnerable properties.

The waterproofing system is economical to install costing around £4000.00 for waterproofing up to a height of 1 metre and around £7,500.00 up to first floor level. The system comprises of easily installed barriers for doors, windows and air bricks, non-return valves for drainage connections and seals for pipe and cable entry points.

The waterproofing system is recognized by a number of leading insurance companies, allowing previously uninsurable property to be accepted for cover. For properties of the highest risk, the system manufacturers offer insurance cover underwritten by Lloyds syndicates.

The Watertight system is the only one currently available with the recently updated British Standards Kitemark. Where there is a potential for water ingress to penetrate from the subsite and concrete slabs internally within the property, Triton Chemicals can provide a system to control and divert water ingress at flow rates up to 14 litres per m2 /second subject to suitable pumping system being installed.